From Marilyn York
Oh my god! So last night i gave mike the painting. First, as he read my card where i explained how i wanted to give him his love lost and all the things he misses about norma, he got tears in his eyes. Then i made him close his eyes and i brought out the painting: He only glanced at it and burst into tears and had to look away. He cried so hard he sobbed and said it was her. He said it is exactly her and it hurt so much to see her again and have her back. He was afraid to look again as he cried. He cried so hard he got a bloody nose. I was so taken aback by his outpouring of emotion and i said i was sorry it hurt and he said "no, it is amazing and hurts so good."

He then came back over and with some hesitation at first he slowly allowed himself to look at her and take her in. First he studied her face and eyes and looked into them like she was still alive and warm and reaching out to him, then his eyes wandered down to her hands and the cupcakes and crossword. He shared that he couldn't believe the accuracy of the ho-dong cupcakes, the crossword and it's saying and her hair and face and eyes! He couldn't compose himself for a long time and wept with joy while he smiled through tears. Finally his tears dried and his smiled widened as he took a photo of it and immediately sent it to his father and his mother and sister to share his gift of joy with the others who loved her so deeply.

I have never seen that kind of emotion from him or frankly anyone ever who received a gift. You aren't just an artist rory, your more like a medium who channeled his grandmother so well that he feels like he got to have her again after so many years lost! It was amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and his. - Marilyn

From Laura Hughes
! want to thank you for painting the most amazing portrait of billy! I had no idea what tatyana was up to. When she gave me the painting, i was filled with so much emotion. I almost burst into tears! When i came home my ex husband was sitting for billy and i showed him the painting and he was overcome with emotion too. You captured her essence perfectly. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and thank you for creating the best gift i've ever received - Laura

From Cindy Weber Cleary
We gave Charlotte the portrait tonight! She loves it! - Cindy

From Amanda Seyfried
Oh my god you're so good. This is so exciting!! Thank you!! So awesome. You're the best. I have many things i want painted!! I won't request all at once, though! - Amanda

From Kendrick Belen
Hey Rory my wife loves the painting! I told you she would cry! She cries every time she looks at the painting. - Ken, Joanna and Ewoo